The Tale Of Two Commodities

Like most people who work for a living, I need my coffee in the morning. I get to the City and I am constantly surprised by the amount of fellow addicts queuing up to get the first of many daily fixes. I wait in line, pay my £2.50 and get on with my day. The other morning was slightly different; I wasn’t in my usual zombiefied state, half asleep and pining for my bed. The other morning I was alert and fresh, looking around me and observing my surroundings, and I realised that £2.50 was a lot of money for a cup of steamed milk with an added dash of bitter flavouring that had been squeezed from some crushed beans. As I walked to the office sipping my newly acquired drug, my mind started doing the calculations.

A medium latte is 16 fluid ounces, which is about 450ml. My initial thought was wow, that’s over a fiver per litre. It’s actually £5.55 per litre. Let’s just pause there for a moment. £5.55. How much was petrol the last time you looked?

This needed more research, I decided.

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